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Nivens & Co.

At Nivens & Co. we offer an array of services in the Real Estate Industry and Construction Sectors. I was Born in  Newfoundland, Canada and graduated from Memorial University in 2010 and following my degree, I worked as an elementary/junior high school teacher. I am currently in the midst of completing Interior Design at The Interior Design Institute and also co-owner of a General Contracting Company. I am mother to five beautiful children, I am an avid yoga practitioner and certified Yoga Teacher. To top it off, I am an intuitive/ psychic-medium. I come from a long lineage of psychics and finally in 2021 was able to step into my medicine & gifts and started providing psychic/energetic services to clients throughout the world.  

Nivens & Co. encompasses our family values, determination for success and consistent work ethic.  By definition it means "luxury" but luxury means so much more than luxury to the material eye. Luxury in life is to be happy, safe, abundant and connected with community and to self. Luxury is a holistic feeling, an expansive yet personal energetic. 

My expansive network enables me to open doors for my clients on both sides of the property equation as well as working in the other realms of communicating with spirit (passed love ones) or other souls still connected to space. I quite literally speak to the home, the energetics of the foundation, the build, the energies prior, current and future in the space. I love to be in involved and journey with you throughout all stages of the real estate process. My goal is to guide you every step of the way, whether you’re looking to buy, sell, build or renovate.

If you have a specific energetic service you would like to incorporate, that is also part of the journey, let's make this an intuitive and healing experience while making it financially lucrative for your goals as well! 

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