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Luxurious new construction home


Ready to buy land and build your dream home?

Perhaps you are purchasing an old home and need it totally or partially demolished to renovate, add on  and designed to sell or to live in?

Either way, this is the place for you. 


Over here we are tired of cookie-cutter homes that anyone and everyone can "fit into". At Niven's. & Co.  we have branched off to  specialize in Rural Builds and Infill properties creating a new vibe, custom designs and a nuanced way of connecting you to your home. 

Do you want to have an Interior Designer with a keen eye for luxury to design a home that fits YOUR desires? Maybe you want each room to have a washroom, or maybe you prefer coffered ceilings in your home and Venetian Plaster applied with Lime or Mineral Based Plaster to create an anti-mold and anti-fungal eco friendly environment in your house. The ideas and fun are endless when it comes to building with us! 

Our team works with the best architects ,engineers, contractors and designers and we offer a Bespoke service that entails biweekly meetings with our financial and building team to ensure we are meeting benchmarks and providing ultimate transparency throughout the duration of YOUR project. 

If you are ready to build your new home contact us at to set up a meeting to secure your build now. 

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