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Frequently Asked Questions


How will you find potential buyers for my property?

With my expansive network in the Real Estate and Investment Industry combined with my marketing and access to many platforms, I will scope out the best potential buyers for your property negotiating on your behalf for getting you the best price possible. With my spiritual gifts I am able to siphon out buyers that do not have the financial buying ability, who is serious and who is not, guiding you and communicating with you the entire process for you to make the best informed decision possible.

Do your psychic and intuitive service accompany every Represented Relationship?

Absolutely if you are open to the experience. We are also able to choose to have a relationship strictly based on a Real Estate Relationship without these services. 

Growing up as a psychic I am able to tune in to the energetics of anyone I am in presence with and with consent can pierce through the veil to bring their goals and visions to fruition through a variety of mystical modalities.  I am able to connect with loved ones who have passed to channel their communication to you, answer any questions past, present or future and sit with the energetics of the spaces of the house to see if your vision for the space is something welcomed in that space. 

Do I need a real estate lawyer as well?

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