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At Nivens & Co, we understand renovations of any degree can be unnerving at times. Our innate ability to sit with a client and attune to your energetics combined with an energetic assessment of the structure and architectural space, we are able to assist in Renovations in a multidimensional yet physical way you will experience no where else. My partner has a multifaceted approach in  renovations as the Operations Manager of a General Contracting company specializing in commercial and residential renovations and new builds. His understanding of construction and experience combined with my exquisite eye will truly allow for an experience you won't find anywhere else.

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Buying & Selling Homes

As co-owner of a Custom Home Building & Renovations Company plus a lifetime as an intuitive psychic, buying and selling in the real estate industry has become second nature.  With my prolific intuitive gifts, Nora is able to tune into her clients needs and energetic architecture allowing for a smooth and often magical process when it comes to connecting humans with their homes. Her level of professionalism and eye for understanding your vision will allow for the process to unveil itself in a manner you won't experience with any other realtor.

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New Builds & Urban Properties

With our direct experience in Construction builds, we have an extensive understanding & experience in New Builds & Urban Property. Nivens Custom Homes & Renovations has  facilitated the build of their own estate spec home from Bare Land & are able to support & facilitate the purchase of land & the construction of new builds bridging together your desires, your energy, your vision while intuiting and engaging in professional services to support the journey. WIth Nora's mystical medicine and the construction team,  we are able to not only connect human to home but able to create a luxury home for you.

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Hi, my name is Nora and I am licensed Realtor in Calgary, Alberta. Growing up on the East Coast, I grew up with a fascination of home & spaces, energy & creation. From connecting with humans, spirits and the energetics that "live" in architectural spaces and homes I am confident to say I am able to provide a luxury, multidimensional, iconic experience to connect humans with not only homes but with energy in their field. Whether its buying, selling, renovating or building, the experience in itself connecting with loved ones that have passed, exploring the energy of a space or what have you, I am able to provide you with an experience throughout the multifaceted Real Estate services I offer.

Nora Nivens


Hi, my name is Adrian and I am Co-Owner of Nortec Alberta, a General Contracting Company based in Calgary, Alberta. I have spent a decade in trade work and now manage and facilitate all of the New Home Builds, Custom Designs, Renovations, Investments and Commercial Endeavours for Nortec Alberta. My partner says I have a keen eye for design and am able to organize and facilitate the projects full circle. When you are working with Nora and I in a Renovation or Investment project, you are likely to see the two of us working together conversing, enjoying life and planning to build the ultimate vision with and for you. You won't regret choosing Nora as your Real Estate Professional, you won't understand the medicine and magic she offers throughout this experience until you step in to experience it for yourself.

Adrian Nivens

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